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Located in the heart of the city, our theater hotel combines the Viennese flair of the past century with a modern attitude to life and the proverbial coziness. Built in 1890, the harmonious melange of living spaces and culinary oases surrounding the hotel creates a multi-layered microcosm that exudes true luxury. At the same time, social responsibility, sustainability and community support are deeply rooted in the hotel DNA. Testimony to this are, among other things, the regionally produced new pieces of furniture or the care products in the hotel rooms, which come from the St. Charles Apothecary in Vienna's 6th district.

in Vienna.

BTW ...

... You are walking on historical ground. On the spot between 1798-1829 was the educational institution and French school of Johann Karl von Radler, where, among others, Fanny Elßler received her first dance lessons. After a new building was erected in 1879, it was used as a hotel (Huberthof) and restaurant (Zum Weissen Hahn). After a renovation at the end of the 1980s, it was reopened as the "Theater-Hotel Josefstadt". Since the renovations in 2021, today's Theaterhotel & Suites is open for you - and continues the traditional hospitality anchored in our house in the digital age.


... that is the credo of our hotel. We are therefore delighted to immerse you in the world of theater. A dreamy universe awaits you, a decelerated refuge for art & culture enthusiasts, city explorers and life artists. On this page you will find everything you need to find your way in our world and to enjoy your stay relaxed and to the full. If you still have questions, please write to us or contact our reception at any time.

The World
is a stage
and enjoy


During the entire carnival season from November until the grand finale on Shrove Tuesday, Vienna dances and celebrates. The highlight of the Viennese carnival ball season is the world-famous Opera Ball at the State Opera House, which attracts celebrities from all over the world every year! But also in the Kursalon, in the City Hall as well as in various palaces and hotels, people dance (not only) to the waltz beat until the wee hours of the morning. Let yourself be enchanted and visit one of the many Viennese balls - make Vienna your (dance) stage ...

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For every direct booking, we plant a tree and thus make a small contribution to a better world.


In cooperation with Bed and Tree, we create jobs in local communities, preserve habitat for endangered animals and combat climate change.

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Theaterhotel & Suites Vienna
Josefstädter Street 22
1080 Vienna, Austria

Tel.: + 43 (0) 1 405 36 48

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