Particularly worthy of protection.

Because we love nature.

Dear friends of the Theatre Hotel,

It is important to us to inform you about our values and ideas on the subject of sustainability.

Therefore, in the following overview you will find our numerous measures with which we make an active contribution to sustainability.

Through our constant commitment, we have been successfully certified by Greensign with Level 4.

You are welcome to read the full report HERE read it.

With hospitable greetings

Your Thomas Brenner

For our electricity supply, we obtain electricity exclusively from renewable energy sources - green electricity mainly from hydropower. The same applies to the heat supply, which comes 100% from district heating from the local supplier.

Within our hotel, mainly LED lamps are used as light source.

Our partner companies - laundry, food suppliers - are required to use environmentally friendly products. Our partner companies must undergo periodic audits.

We carry out the waste separation required by the municipality of Vienna - glass, paper, cardboard and organic waste.

Our guests have the possibility to decide on the change of linen themselves. This means that a desired change of linen is signalled by placing the towels on the floor of the bathroom.

As far as possible, we do not use any single-use guest items. Our washing utensils are 100% dermatologically tested, products from the traditional Viennese company from Vienna 7. the Saint Charles Pharmacy are furthermore organic.

Within our restaurant, we avoid the use of plastic in any form such as straws and twirlers. Recently, guest slippers have been made from biodegradable materials.

Our company generally uses environmental protection paper for various printed materials, and reusable magnetic cards are also given to our guests for our key card system.

We replaced PET bottles with glass.

It is important to us to treat our employees fairly and correctly within the company. We do not use external service providers, which increases the bond and loyalty to our company and prevents wage dumping.

Work-life balance is more than a concern for us.

With us you sleep twice as well! For every direct booking we plant a tree and thus make a small contribution to a better world.


In cooperation with Bed and Tree, we create jobs in local communities, create habitat for endangered animals and fight climate change.